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Cloud / Hosted Phone Service

Great Savings

We can provide a complete solution for our customers at zero upfront costs and reduce their monthly phone/internet bill by 25 to 50 percent.  

A cloud-based VoIP phone system is by far the most efficient solution for businesses with 1 to 100 employees and for businesses with multiple locations.  It effectively leverages everything positive about cloud-based solutions and does so while remaining very robust and feature-rich.

Cloud VoIP Phone System

There are many cloud-based systems on the market today and we offer most of them, including 8X8, RingCentral, Jive and others.  But the very best one is 3CX and there are several reasons that we believe 3CX is the best option:​

  1. It started out as a premised based system and has been tested in tens of thousands of businesses before being ported to a cloud-based system.

  2. It is NOT a multi-tenant system, meaning that although it is a cloud-based system, your company is the only one on the system.  Each one of our 3CX customers is running on their own server and their own phone system.  All the other systems are multi-tenant meaning all the customers share the same server and the same phone system.  Think of a large apartment building with multiple tenants and what any one of the tenants can do to adversely affect the other tenants.  Not good.

  3. It has features that are easy to implement in a premised based system and easy to implement in single-tenant solutions, but very difficult to implement when everyone is on the same system.

Advanced 3CX Technology

X4 Enterprise IP Phone

  • 4 SIP Lines

  • Dual color LCD screens ( 2.8" main screen and a secondary 2.4" DSS screen)

  • Dual Gigabit ports and 30 DSS Keys

  • Can be powered through a PoE Switch, Injector or Power Supply (Optional and Sold Separately)

  • Highly compatible: 3CX, Avaya, OpenVox, NEC, Elastix, Asterisk, Matrix, Broadsoft, Epygi and more.

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